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The Good Oil – a new and revolutionary approach for industrial penetrating lubricants

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Hammersley Products Australia’s new innovation, ‘The Good Oil’, promises an entirely new perspective to the universal role of penetrating lubricants.

For nearly half a century, Hammersley Products Australia has forged an enviable Australian and International reputation for high performance and innovative industrial maintenance products.

Hammersley is already the preferred supplier of many National and Multi-National Mining Organisations and through their dedicated research and development, continue to expand their influence.

Hammersley is renowned for its technical expertise and capabilities in many diverse sectors of the chemical industry. They now provide products and technical support services throughout Australia and into South East Asia. The Hunter Valley based specialty chemical manufacturer has now introduced THE GOOD OIL. Utilising the latest renewable, plant-based technology, ‘The Good Oil’ is a premium penetrating lubricant and protection fluid that provides an extra level of efficiency and safety. This new standard in efficiency, safety and environmental care brings this neglected product type into the 21st century.

The main focus of Hammersley’s research has always been in specialty chemical products, and it is energetic in its support services for all the products it manufactures, according to Brian McLean.

McLean is a Research Chemist and has been the Director of Technical Services for the Hammersley Group of Companies since its inception in 1972.

Hammersley is an 100% Australian owned Company with a proud history of quality, integrity, innovation and environmental stewardship for almost 50 years.

“We’ve always been known for the quality of our products and for the integrity of our business dealings”
McLean indicates.

“Our main focus has been on Mining and Heavy Industry because, historically, it’s what we’ve studied and worked with all our lives.”

“Our objective has always been to supply safe, quality products, properly suited to the task they are to perform.”

“The development of The Good Oil is the most exhilarating example of this ingenuity – it is truly revolutionary” McLean continues.

“The multi-purpose penetrating lubricant market is congested with look-a-like products all offering comparable features like penetration, lubrication, moisture displacement and corrosion protection. However, the most telling similarity is they are all petroleum-based and all have varying levels of cautions and hazards.”

“Just adding to this overcrowded pool of identical products would be a frustrating and ludicrous undertaking – so we didn’t.”

McLean continued “Our product, ‘The Good Oil’ could not be more different to these stereotypes.”

‘The Good Oil’ is non-flammable, non-toxic and non-hazardous, making it the ideal product for working safely under all conditions. Being fire safe offers extra workplace protection and its non-fuming properties make it safe for confined spaces and continuous contact.

Its development was supported by an Australian Government Grant for Innovative Research and Mclean considers this is world first and world leading technology.

The first penetrating lubricant using renewable plant-based technology.

“The most satisfying aspect of this development is that there has been no compromises – no compromise in performance, no compromise in safety or our duty of care and no compromise in our environmental philosophies. It will outlast and outperform – it ticks all the boxes.

the good oil
  • Performance: Exceptional penetrating and lubricating properties – outstanding friction reduction – non-drying – long lasting protection.
  • Safety: Non-flammable – non-hazardous – non-toxic – meets underground usage specifications.
  • Environmental: Readily biodegradable – non-phytotoxic – no environmental impact

The Good Oil was developed and is manufactured entirely in Australia.

Hammersley is continually expanding its technologies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of products to meet the needs of their customer’s.

McLean indicated that there had been very little change in the chemistry of penetrating lubricants over the last 50 years and that this was why Hammersley’s new development was such a quantum leap forward.

“We are very proud of our achievements in the development of The Good Oil. It fits very well into Hammersley’s general philosophy of gentle chemistry, and it was very satisfying to achieve such a generational change in a very widely used but technologically neglected product type.”

“The first thing that users will notice is no petroleum or solvent smell and it just gets better from there.”  The Good Oil has already been widely accepted by many companies within mining and support industries.

 “We continue to introduce this product further into all industrial areas around Australia. We believe that it will find universal acceptance in all markets from households through to engineering workshops, underground maintenance, and heavy industry. We have an obligation to ensure that The Good Oil is fully exposed to its market. It will make a difference – it will increase performance and efficiency and will prove to be a great benefit in an area too long ignored”.

“To use this product is the right choice for any company. It respects the safety and wellbeing of workers, provides more efficiency in all areas of its use and sets a strong example in environmental responsibility.”

This is what counts:

  • Revolutionary, new concept
  • 100% plant based technolopgy
  • Extraordinary performance
  • Workplace Safe –- non hazardous
  • Non-Flammable
  • Safe for underground use
  • Readily biodegradable
  • No hazardous environmental emissions
  • No petroleum ingredients
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