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The silent alarm | Stench Gas – keeping you safe

Stench Gas

Stench gas is a widely used, reliable warning device for use in mines when audible alarms cannot be heard. 

Stench gas can be quickly dispersed through an air ventilation system into underground mines or other confined spaces. Even at ultra-low concentrations, the strong pungent odour leaves even non-sensitive noses in no doubt of the urgency to evacuate!

Recently, the WA Government concerns that stench gas did not meet Regulation 4.37 of the Mines and Safety Inspection Regulations (MSIR) which requires flammable liquids or material not to be stored within 50 metres of any entrance to a mine, and due to its flammable gas classification was recommended to be removed from all mines.

However, it was later determined that stench gas activation stations that are comprised of stench gas cylinders are regarded as an installation rather than storage, and therefore the MSIR Regulation 4.37 50 metre exclusion zone is not applicable.

With a lower global warming potential than refrigerant-based alternatives, BOC’s stench gas product is easier on the environment. We also locally produce stench gas, conforming to stringent Australia and New Zealand standards, ensuring you the highest quality and with our extensive distribution network, you can be assured we can deliver your gas when you need it, not matter where you are.

Are you running regular tests of your mine safety system? Email us at or call 1800 658 278 to find out how Stench Gas can improve worker safety at your site.
The WA Government recently clarified the appropriate use of stench gas in activation stations for underground mining operations. Scan the code to read the Mine Safety Bulletin.  

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