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Uvex offers PPE product trials

PPE Product Trials

Uvex Safety Group is committed to the design and production of product ranges which respect the maximum that ‘one size does not fit all’ – enabling Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) solutions to be tailored to individual requirements – delivering absolute consistency of protection and performance levels. Uvex has identified the benefits of PPE Product trials for users to ensure the optimum performance of their product.

The company’s goal is to work with you together to help reduce injuries and lower your PPE costs. We surround our products with an array of services which support PPE decision-makers in selection and safety strategy implementation ensuring that PPE wearers derive maximum benefit in terms of protection and ‘issue-free’ wearability.

Our mission is ‘protecting people’.

Uvex Safety

5 steps to an effective Uvex PPE product trial

1.  Meeting

Meeting to establish any issues or areas of concern and assess your existing glove/eyewear solution. Find out what is working, what isn’t and areas of improvement.

2.  Site survey

Assess the Hazards and Work Environment, then help you navigate our range of PPE to find the right PPE solution? We will answer the following questions with you: 

a. What hazards are present? 

b. How much protection is needed?

3.  Select your trial participant

a. The uvex safety specialist will work with you to identify wearers to participate in the trial. We will help them, to understand the role they play, the benefits of taking part, and how important their honest and constructive feedback is. 

b. We provide you with feedback forms that are easy to use.

4.  Trial and feedback analysis

a. Uvex provides you the products so that it can be tried practically in your environment. 

b. We will collect the feedback form and provide you with the results, so you can inform your PPE decision-making and help secure internal buy-in.

5.  After sales support

Our Uvex safety specialist will train your employees on proper use, care and evaluation of their new hand and/or eye protection.

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