AMSJ » Trolex and Nome’s RockMonitor leads the way in mining strata safety

Trolex and Nome’s RockMonitor leads the way in mining strata safety

Rock Monitor XR
Rock Monitor XR

Trolex have been known for over 60 years for their innovation in Hazardous Environment Safety Systems with products such as gas detection and particulate monitoring. In 2019 in partnership with Australian based company Nome Services they Launched their Rock Monitor XR which is an intrinsically safe system primarily designed to monitor the condition of roof-bolted underground roadway strata in real time with full alerting and data logging capability.

Rock Monitor XR is a fully networked solution for measuring displacement of tunnel roof and sidewall strata in both soft and hard rock applications.


The RockMonitor XR system provides:

  • Comprehensive, highly accurate and real-time strata monitoring
  • Mine-wide strata monitoring (the controller supports up to 150 telltales and can monitor up to 10 kilometres of tunnel in a single network)
  • Easy plug-and-play installation and quick instrument reset
  • Communicates with sites SCADA interface for visibility of underground, surface and offsite personnel

They Key benefits of the RockMonitor lie in allowing geotechnical engineers and mine operators to continually monitor and assess critical information regarding the safety and effectiveness of roadway support structures, Improving Safety, Mitigating Downtime and increasing productivity.

Leveraging advanced firmware algorithms and diagnostics, the RockMonitor XR Telltale delivers comprehensive, real-time data on strata conditions. It’s easy to read, install and reset, and uses a robust, high-quality design suitable for harsh and hazardous environments.

Glyn Jones, CEO of Trolex said “The RockMonitor system is a hugely cost effective and efficient solution, which probably explains why so many of our clients have rapidly adopted it, It is a product we were excited to add to our portfolio for the mining industry, and it’s a product we know will save lives, time and money.”

Nathan Owen, MD of Nome said “We have seen most of the largest mining companies in Australia adopt RockMonitor already for its real time and automated capabilities in providing significant safety and production gains across their assets. Now we are seeing more and more countries adopting RockMonitor and believe it will be the new standard in geotechnical and mining practices moving forward.”

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