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Unpowered mining safety lighting is a disruptor

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Australian manufacturer Glo-X has developed a range of unpowered mining safety lighting products suitable for use in emergency shelters, egress routes and other areas of mines where illumination is critical without power. Glo-X have recently invented light recycling technology to provide powerless illumination in underground mine areas when power is not readily available.

The technology provides non-toxic photoluminescence to mine areas, mine safety signage and crucial pathways that would otherwise remain unseen in emergency situations. It can also be applied to a diverse range of safety equipment and products.

The technology is powered by a mix of rare earth minerals to produce a photoluminescence reaction, instead of a phosphorescent reaction commonly used in other luminescent or glow-in-the-dark products on the market.

Glo-X managing director Kris McKenna said, “Every time I get put in a dark environment, my brain starts thinking about new ways the technology can be used.

“We are learning there are so many ways this technology can be incorporated into our lives, and by using our high-quality solvent-based acrylic illuminating paint, we can customise products to suit companies’ needs.”

While requiring no maintenance, the technology is capable of giving a consistent glow for over 10 hours after being fully charged from an hour’s exposure to natural or artificial light source.

“There is a huge need for this technology in the safety side of mining, from line marking and safety markers on doorways, staircases or operational equipment, to fire block or hazard signs, that remain visible when dark,” McKenna said.

The technology was released in Australia in November last year and was developed by McKenna and his brother. Production was overseen by the family-operated team to ensure high production standards and quality control from start to finish.

The disruptive product may revolutionise the way in which mining companies manage emergency mining safety lighting for the future. The product also has application in many underground mining areas including on machinery and products where there is a need to locate the product where no, or minimum light is available.

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