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Alert | Haul truck near miss

vehicle incident

The NSW Resources Regulator has issued an alert following a haul truck and a light vehicle near miss at an open cut coal mine.

The empty haul truck approached a corner where a grader was working on the inside of the curve. The haul truck moved to the wrong side of the road to pass the grader and did not see any approaching vehicles. Both operators saw each other in time to stop their vehicles and avoid a collision.

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Haul truck’s tray strikes walkway

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In respond the incident the Regulator commented: The risk of collision when vision is restricted is well documented and reasonably foreseeable. Windrows should be constructed and maintained at heights that maximise visibility for all road users and maintain the effective delineation of roadways.

Mines should review procedures and warning systems when road maintenance is being undertaken and when part of the road has been closed. When visibility is restricted, vehicle operators should only proceed when they are satisfied the roadway is clear.

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