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Blackwater Mine COVID-19 case update

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BMA issued a statement today on the mineworker believed to have contracted COVID-19 at Blackwater mine.

“On Saturday we shared that one of our colleagues from Blackwater Mine had a confirmed case of COVID-19 (coronavirus).”

“Today, we were notified by Queensland Health that this was a false positive result, after our colleague was re-tested during the week and has returned a negative result. The original positive result has been attributed to a laboratory error.”

“Most importantly, our colleague is very grateful to be cleared of COVID-19, and is happily spending time with his family at home in the Rockhampton region. His colleagues who he had interactions with outside of work, and had also been in isolation as a precaution, have also been notified.”

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“We acknowledge the impact this situation has had on the individuals involved, as well as our colleagues at Blackwater. We appreciate the compassion that you have demonstrated in responding to these very difficult circumstances.”

“As advised by CQ Health, we are pleased this means there has been no community transmission in Central Queensland. In line with our commitment to health and safety as our first priority, we will continue to work with local public health authorities and to reinforce strict social distancing, hygiene and cleaning practices across all of our operations.”

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