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Mining operations can present a range of hazards to personnel and equipment. Mining is also conducted across a range of remote locations where access to emergency equipment can be limited. Being prepared for an emergency is critical to the safety and health of personnel and the successful ongoing conduct of the mining operation.

A mining emergency is typically a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation or event. Emergency management involves understanding the likelihood of an emergency situation and its potential consequences, being prepared to mitigate its effects, responding appropriately, and recovering the mining operation after the emergency.

Effective emergency management means that there are plans in place for all foreseeable emergency scenarios so the response is comprehensive, coordinated and considerate of the resources and risks presented at the time of the emergency.

pakistan mine gas explosion

Gas explosion kills three in Pakistan Coal Mine

A Pakistani Government mining official says a methane gas explosion in a coal mine in the country’s southwest has killed at least three miners and four others are missing. Mining official Abdul...

Cyclone Shelter Designed for Extreme Weather Conditions

  MineARC’s innovative StormSAFE Cyclone Shelter eliminates the necessity to send staff off-site during an extreme weather emergency. It is predicted that the 2016/17 cyclone season will see a...

New Emergency Lighting System Talks To Devices

New Emergency Lighting System Talks To Devices

Engineer researchers at Deakin University have developed an emergency lighting system that they say is “cheaper to operate and less likely to fail” than systems currently employed in this...

Pluto LNG Shut Down By Rogue Drilling Rig

Pluto LNG Shut Down By Rogue Drilling Rig

Woodside’s Pluto LNG plant has shut down production temporarily this morning after another company’s submersible drilling rig drifted dangerously close to Pluto’s flowlines...

Bushfire Implications For Mining In WA

As a bushfire WATCH and ACT alert remains current for residents of eastern Baldivis in the City of Rockingham in Western Australia, the state’s Department of Mines and Petroleum has reissued...