AMSJ » New Emergency Lighting System Talks To Devices

New Emergency Lighting System Talks To Devices

New Emergency Lighting System Talks To Devices

Engineer researchers at Deakin University have developed an emergency lighting system that they say is “cheaper to operate and less likely to fail” than systems currently employed in this country.

Associate Professor Abbas Kouzani from Deakin’s School of Engineering said the networked devices could talk to one another.

“If one device goes down, the communication messages are rerouted through neighbouring devices within the network, facilitating automated self-testing and real-time fault detection which improve the reliability and integrity of emergency lighting systems – potentially saving lives when fires, accidents or natural disasters occur,” Associate Professor Kouzani said.

“… the technology has the potential to save organisations thousands of dollars.”

“The system offers a low cost wireless mesh network platform in which node failure and signal interference are managed through the self-healing property of the technology.”

“The wireless system operates at a lower frequency than the standard wireless systems, reducing the chance of interference with mobile and other wireless devices.”

“This also allows the signal to have better penetration through barriers such as thick concrete walls and enhances the network’s reliability.”


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