AMSJ » CFMEU makes an appeal to members for ‘safety reset’

CFMEU makes an appeal to members for ‘safety reset’

CFMEU appeals to members for safety reset

The CFMEU has solidified its’ appeal for a safety reset across all mines with a passionate message delivered via social media to its’ members.

CFMEU Mining Queensland President Stephen Smyth said that this week Queensland mines were stopping production to undertake a ‘reset.’

Smyth said “This is in relation to the terrible string of deaths and accidents which have occurred which have shocked us all. It’s totally unacceptable that a worker goes to work and doesn’t return home.

Smyth said that the union had been calling on the reset for a period of time. It’s well overdue and we encourage all mine workers to participate in this program.

Smyth said “Now is an opportunity for mineworkers to stand up and speak out. This is your opportunity to explain what is happening in your workplace and take some responsibility and accountability and hold the employer to account.

CFMEU Stephen Smyth’s plea to mineworkers for a safety reset.

Smyth said that we need to be working on a no-blame policy. He said companies should not be having a system in place which lays the blame wholly and solely at the point of the worker.

“We need to be ensuring that workers can speak up about their issues without the fear of reprisal. Particularly without the fear of the threat of losing their job or other punitive measures.”

Smyth added “We know that the safety reset is not going to fix the problems in the industry but it’s a start. The CFMEU is going to push coal companies and the government in this space. We are going to continue to push for better health and safety, for better protection for workers.”

We know that the ‘safety reset’ is not going to fix the problems in the industry but it’s a start.


“At the end of the day, it’s up to us all to work collectively together to get this outcome.”

“As a mineworker, you have an opportunity to make a difference. And the difference starts with this reset.”

“We encourage all workers to stand up and speak out at these resets, tell your stories, share your experiences because together we can make a difference.”

Yesterday the Queensland Government released the safety reset package and like the CFMEU, appealed to the industry to embrace the safety reset.

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