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Connecting Drillers to Geologists and Engineers by DeviCloud


Devico AS, Norwegian leader in directional core drilling innovations and manufacturer of leading drill hole positioning instruments, is officially releasing their latest innovation, DeviCloud, on the 3rd of May. DeviCloud is the complete survey data management system, connecting drillers, geologists, and engineers through a fast, secure, and uncomplicated cloud-based platform.

The onsite processing, transfer and management of downhole navigational survey data are more streamlined than ever with DeviCloud. Providing each defined (and unlimited) user group with immediate access to surveys, as soon as they are uploaded directly from the drill site. Supporting two-way communication between site and office, DeviCloud also makes it possible to share and sync drill plans directly to the handheld device on-site, reducing the risk of miscommunication.

DeviCloud enhances the data transparency and quality of Devico’s leading instrument range.

Offering fast processing, instant QA/QC data analysis, comprehensive plotting, and inspection parameters, along with advanced reporting functionalities. Compatible with DeviGyro, DeviAligner, DeviShot and DeviFlex RAPID.

The program has been successfully tested and proven through extensive beta testing dating back to early 2020, involving over 300 sites, 12000 drill holes and 55000 surveys to date. As of May 3rd, Devico is officially making the DeviCloud program available for all customers, and for free.

Featuring extensive plotting, reporting and processing capabilities, DeviCloud enhances the data transparency and quality of Devico’s high precision instrumentation range to redefine QA standards across the globe.

  • Sync directly to planned holes
  • Increase accuracy with multiple run averaging
  • Plot surveys across numerous parameters with 2D & 3D graphs
  • Comprehensive QA reporting
  • Controllable user permissions and editing rights
  • Organise and archive completed drilling
  • Fully encrypted security

”The DeviCloud addition has enabled us to move to a fully cloud-based system and has streamlined the way we manage drill data and survey information onsite. We are extremely pleased with the service and support provided.” Scott Carruthers, Senior Underground Geologist said.

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