AMSJ » Disgruntled worker accuses former employer of poor work environment

Disgruntled worker accuses former employer of poor work environment

Fortescue Metals Group
Fortescue Metals Group

A recently departed resources executive is suing his former workplace for substandard employment conditions.

Paul Scanlan claims Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) management bullied, harassed and wrongly accused him of leaking company information to mainstream media.

The previous intelligence and security principal is convinced subsidiary Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) unfairly sacked him on Christmas Eve 2021, because he complained about receiving no bonus through the staff incentive plan and planned to seek legal advice.

The employer’s termination notice accused Scanlan of unauthorised media contact. He had no opportunity to prove he was not involved in unfavourable media coverage about a chaotic work culture that is comparable to the “Hunger Games”.

“The applicant had spoken to The Weekend Australian [which he had not] without any, or any satisfactory, evidence,” court documents said according to News Limited.

This alleged mistreatment resulted in the complainant losing income, bonuses and respect from coworkers.

“[He felt] humiliation, hurt and distress,” the documents said.

The media outlet denies interviewing Scanlan for the story in question.

Andrew Forrest, who has since returned to manage FMG’s iron ore business, previously admitted his employer thrives on disorder.

“You do not get results and creativity from disciplined, predictable organisational structures. You get the greatest results and greatest creativity from a level of disorganisation,” he said according to the media outlet.

Forrest has not held an executive role at FMG since the year 2011.

More than half of FMG’s 11-member executive leadership team has resigned from the company since early 2021. High-profile departures include CEO Elizabeth Gaines, FFI energy director Rob Grant, chief operating officer Greg Lilleyman, and health and safety director Rob Watson.

FFI confirmed Scanlan no longer works for the business, and refused to comment on any “reasons behind departures”.

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