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Driver fatigue presentations at Moranbah mines

Driver fatigue presentations at Moranbah mines
Sergeant Dalton giving a fatigue presentation to apprentices at Goonyella Riverside Mine

On Monday, March 8, Sergeant Nigel Dalton from the Mackay Crime Prevention Unit came out to Moranbah to give a presentation on driver fatigue to a group of apprentices at Goonyella Riverside Mine.

The presentation focused on getting the message out about the dangers of driving whilst fatigued and what they can do to prevent fatigue.

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This was the first of many presentations to be rolled out in the Moranbah area focussing on engaging and educating drivers about making the right decisions to keep them and other motorists safe.

When you are fatigued your driving performance can be affected in many ways, including:

  • Vigilance and alertness deteriorate
  • Concentration suffers
  • Performance is impaired
  • Reaction times suffer
  • Judgement is impaired.

These were covered off in the presentation with the message that everyone has to take responsibility for making the right decisions if they feel tired.

Don’t get in your car if you feel tired, instead have a rest.

Sleep is the only thing that will stop you from feeling tired.

The presentations tied in with the joint RBT sites being conducted with BHP and Anglo American focused on fatigue and getting the message out by conducting questionnaires on fatigue with drivers and handing out drowsy driver packs.

The feedback from the presentation was excellent.

This sort of education and engagement is vital in preventing drivers from driving whilst fatigued and helps keep the roads safe for everyone to use.

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