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Elphinstone’s Water Cannon

wr810 water cannon

Elphinstone Pty Ltd, located in Tasmania’s North West, are leaders in the innovation and design of underground mining support vehicles. Machine safety is always a high priority at Elphinstone and the WR810 Water Cannon is no exception.

The WR810 Water Cannon is a multi-purpose machine having the potential for use in many different applications, thus reducing fleet sizes. The machine has a wireless remote controlled 8m telescopic boom with a high-pressure water cannon to wash down valuable
ore fines and blast material blockages, as well as a rear and two side spray valves for use as a dust suppression water truck. With the wireless remote-control unit, the operator can safely move and control the water cannon from a distance, reducing the risk of exposure to dangerous debris. At the end of the job, the water cannon boom will automatically self-retract back into the machine with a simple press of a button by the operator.

The oscillating hitch in the centre of the machine has +/- 42.5° steering articulation and +/-10° oscillation resulting in good manoeuvrability, superior operator comfort, 4-wheel ground contact and reduced wear on the hitch and steering components. Front suspension supported by hydraulic struts is an optional feature to further enhance operator comfort. The machine is robust and designed to be rebuilt with modular components and a heavy-duty box section chassis front and rear resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

Safety is of the highest priority, consequently the WR810 Water Cannon also features anti-skid deck surfaces, green handrails for three-point access to cab and machine, retractable seat belt, steering frame lock and hinged belly guards, machine interlocks, ceramic coated
exhaust manifold and turbine housing, and triple insulated battery cables.

Fire mitigation features include, non-flammable fuel/water separators, firewalls, heatshields, segregation of electrical and hydraulic lines, a centralised isolation point, optional integrated fire suppression system, emergency stops, and fire extinguishers conveniently positioned around the machine and inside the operator cabin.

All machine service and isolation points are accessible from ground level, and the intuitive on-board diagnostics and testing allows the operator or technician to check critical machine functions for fault from the comfort and safety of the operator cabin.

WR810 Cab Interior

The enclosed cabin features ergonomic seating for the operator and two passengers, user-friendly intuitive controls and excellent 360-degree visibility. Integrated into the operator cabin is a ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure), compliant to ISO 3471:2008 and ISO 3449:2005 respectively which provide protection to all occupants. An emergency stop is easily accessed from inside the cabin and at ground-level at the front of the machine (additional emergency stops can be fitted).

An electro-magnetic brake retarder is fitted to the WR810 series which provides superior braking performance using fingertip controls mounted to the operator’s seat. Conveniently located and easy-to-see gauges and displays make monitoring of systems simple. The system provides critical machine data and a three-level warning system which alerts the operator of any abnormal machine operating conditions. The cab is fitted with climate control heating and cooling, with an optional cab pressuriser available.

The service brakes on the WR810 Water Cannon are hydraulic applied wet disc brakes and the emergency brakes are spring applied hydraulic release. The braking systems meet ISO 3450:2011 standard and a Brake Deceleration Test can be performed from the operator’s cabin, with the results displayed on the dash. Overall, the WR810 Water Cannon is versatile machine that focuses on safety and performance.

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