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Endress Hauser develops smallest transmitter for memosens sensors

endress hauser transmitters and sensors
Endress Hauser transmitters are ideally suited to pH, O2, conductivity, chlorine measurements

Leading Swiss-based instrumentation and automation company, Endress Hauser has developed a compact transmitter that can transmit data via Bluetooth to apps. The transmitter and sensor are suitable for pH, ORP, conductivity, oxygen and chlorine sensors.

It is ideal for use where measuring points installation space is restricted. Its slender housing enables it to fit into almost every assembly. Although it is so small, it is packed full of the latest transmitter technology and can be operated via Bluetooth from any iOS or Android device.


Bluetooth security on the highest level

Endress Hauser says that the SmartBlue app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store can be downloaded free. Using the app, you can see all the measuring points within the Bluetooth range of your tablet and smartphone. Configuration and diagnosis can also be performed conveniently using the SmartBlue app.

The Bluetooth connection is uniquely secure against unauthorized access by third parties, as confirmed by the German Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Integrated Security (AISEC).

Make use of the Memosens benefits

The Liquiline Compact CM82 is compatible with all the transmitters, analyzers and samplers from the Liquiline platform. This means that you can use sensors of the same type at all measuring points: all pH, ORP, conductivity and oxygen sensors with the blue Memosens plug-in head can be connected. This allows you to make use of the numerous benefits that Memosens technology has to offer, including 100% reliable data transmission and true plug and play with pre-calibrated sensors.

Ideal, if installation space is restricted

Endress Hauser says that as a loop-powered two-wire device, the CM82 can be connected directly to a programmable logic controller (PLC), which also serves as the power supply, thus eliminating the need for a power cable. A cable for the sensor connection is also not necessary since the sensor is plugged directly into the transmitter. As a result, you have a measuring point whose space requirement could hardly be lower and where the wiring effort is minimal.

The configuration of your measuring point is always retained

If you parameterize a CM82 measuring point, all settings are saved in the device. In the case of a sensor exchange, the transmitter – and thus the measuring point configuration – always stays on-site. A new parameterization is not necessary. In addition, the Endress Hauser CM82 reads all sensor and calibration data stored in the head of a Memosens sensor. As a result, the sensor is automatically detected within seconds and your measurement is immediately ready for use after a sensor change.

Endress+Hauser Australia can be contacted on 1800 363 737

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