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Future of engineering is here

Mechatronics engineering has been recognised by Queensland’s engineering authority as an approved area of engineering.

Engineers practising in the interdisciplinary branch – connecting mechanical systems, electronic systems, information technology and control systems – will now be able to apply to become a registered professional engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) – mechatronics.

The Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland (BPEQ) said that by recognising mechatronics, BPEQ was supporting the future of engineering.

“Engineering helps us each and every day and with the growth of smart technologies, automation and robotics, which require mechatronics engineering, the demand for engineering expertise will only increase,” chairperson Andrew Seccombe said in a public statement.

“Take a look around your home or workplace and chances are many of the technologies you use every day have mechatronic components – whitegoods, ATMs, cars, smart phones. Into the future, mechatronics engineers will help design autonomous cars and create biomedical devices that fully replicate functions of the human body.”

“BPEQ is responsible for upholding engineering standards and protecting the public by ensuring complex engineering work is only carried out by qualified and competent professionals. Knowing the importance of and demand for mechatronics engineering into the future, BPEQ as the leading engineering authority in Australia, has taken proactive steps to recognise this area and create a pathway to becoming a RPEQ for mechatronics engineers,” he added.

In Queensland, the Professional Engineers Act 2002 requires any person performing professional engineering services to register with BPEQ in an approved area of engineering.

Engineers seeking registration in mechatronics can request an eligibility assessment to become a RPEQ through BPEQ’s approved assessment entity, Engineers Australia.

Australian engineering academics agreed on the following definition for mechatronics: Mechatronics engineering is the engineering discipline concerned with the research, design, implementation and maintenance of intelligent engineered products and processes enabled by the integration of mechanical, electronic, computer and software engineering technologies.

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