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Health Tips for a Mining Worker

If you are a part of the mining industry, then it’s essential for you to know about its perks and perils. Workers who constantly dig grounds to earn their livings can be subject to some severe health issues that can curb their ability to live comfortably. Lung and skin are the most common body organs where the problems arise. The occupational risks associated with this industry are quite higher than any other field. From dust inhalation to musculoskeletal disorders, mining health hazards can go to extreme levels to complicate your body cycle.

Developing a familiarity with some health tips might help you to prevent illness or any sort of health problems. Below is a compelling list of some health tips that you can implement if you are working as a miner.

Safety Tips

  • Constant exposure to UV waves can put your skin and eyes at risk, so make sure you opt for a reliable eye wear to keep your eyes safe.
  • Not to forget wearing safety devices for your protection against any kind of accidental damage. Helmets, safety glasses, shoes, gloves, are some equipment that you can choose to wear.
  • Proper attention is needed while lifting heavy devices or parts to prevent problems affecting your bones, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels.
  • Working at a mile also includes harmful chemical exposure. Polymeric is the most common type of chemical that you can find in miles. Do read the precautions needed before exposing to any chemical to reduce its intensity.
  • Mining companies can also enforce health safety measures by posting documents clearly specifying actions to be taken during any emergency. There must also be a proper plan for miners showing the proper positions of telephones, fire extinguisher, ambulance, and so on.
  • The mine operator needs to ensure that no miner is employed without proper training and session to work safely and comfortably.
  • Conducting health awareness programs or encouraging healthy behaviour and lifestyle can help mine workers to mitigate the hazardous effects of mining environment.
  • Also, it is recommended to ensure all safety measures are updated to meet the current working standards. Avoid using outdated equipment as it may risk the life of a worker. If an item is no longer useful or complies with safety measures, replace it immediately with a new one. Never advice your staff to use an obsolete equipment.

Mining is a risky industry, however, its insecurity can be reduced if we act smartly and thus make our life safe and sound. Mine operators can reinforce some best practices to make mines a place that is not exposed to dangers or anything that matters.
Written by: Alex Jonn,

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