AMSJ » Immersive learning star Viion accelerates mine safety performance

Immersive learning star Viion accelerates mine safety performance

Immersive training experiences

Immersive learning company Viion ™ has revolutionised a range of training methods that enable accelerated learning experiences in high stakes environments like mining operations globally. The immersive learning experiences have contributed to positive safety outcomes for miners responding to mission-critical scenarios.

The company says it can now effectively simulating infrequent, high consequence events, that now give employees exposure to events that occur over 5 to 10 years in a highly compressed time period. Through the use of virtual worlds, employees can gain critical exposure to infrequent, high stakes events like mining disasters and emergencies.

Viion has now worked with a range of mining companies such as Rio Tinto and Santa Barbara to deliver immersive solutions to its workforce.

Dr Whit Missildine, Chief Learning Officer at Viion recently said that “Human expertise closes the gap, allowing an individual’s experience and intuitive knowledge of operating in complex situations to help adapt to uncertain conditions where the data isn’t applicable.”

“We need to understand the limits of data as well as the limits of human expertise.”

Missildine wrote in one of his technical papers on the benefits of designing for high uncertainty that “creating effective learning experiences for expert operators in high uncertainty environments requires going beyond proficiency assurance by inducing a targeted disequilibration of their mental models.”


Virtual reality mine training set

Immersive technologies and Simtars form collaboration

“Research on cognitive development, expertise, and naturalistic decision-making shows that these learning experiences are most effective when they account for differential instructional needs for learners at different stages in the process.”

“Expertise development can be accelerated more effectively through rapid, iterative failure over routine proficiency assurance,” Missildine says.

He says that VR Designers have “focused disproportionate resources on how the virtual environment can be customised to meet the needs of their training program, rather than how the training program can be transformed by exploiting the unique affordances of the virtual environment. Despite some successes, and promising research demonstrating their potential value, widespread adoption of immersive virtual technologies for training purposes is still very limited and as a result, large scale empirical studies have not been able to adequately examine their effectiveness.”

Viion™ SevenX™ System is a seven-step process that helps train workforces for adaptive readiness by optimizing decision making and motivating behaviour change through immersive, virtual world technologies.

When Expertise Fails: Designing for High Uncertainty Decision Making in Virtual Worlds

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