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Inexperience and speed cause of jack-knife

the shearer transporter jackknifed

The NSW Resources Regulator has published an incident regarding a loaded shearer transporter that jack-knifed in an underground coal mine.

An operator was using a heavy lift loader to move a loaded shearer transporter a short distance. When negotiating a slight decline, the shearer transporter jack-knifed and snapped the tow hitch on the heavy-lift loader.

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Preliminary investigation suggests that speed was a factor, as well as lack of knowledge/experience in moving heavy machinery on a decline. The investigation will determine if there was a delay in the shearer transporter brakes engaging, following application of the brakes on the heavy-lift loader and if there was a requirement for a tow vehicle to assist braking.

In response to the incident, the Regulator said, “It is imperative that operators have a procedure for towing heavy loads, including the weight of loads and the vehicle/s to be used.”

“These procedures must refer to the OEM specifications of the towing vehicle and include road grades, road surfaces and vehicle to road surface contact. Operators should be trained in the requirements for towing heavy equipment, particularly in the effects of braking when on a decline and when the towed load is turning.”

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