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Keep safe at work over the festive season

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With Christmas exactly one month away, SafeWork Victoria has warned to keep safe over the busy holiday season.

“While the build-up to Christmas is a busy period for every workplace, it should never be a dangerous one,” Executive Director of Health and Safety Marnie Williams said.

“And yet, according to WorkSafe statistics, more Victorian workers die in the eight weeks leading up to Christmas than at any other time of the year.

“We know that many businesses are rushing to finish projects so deadline pressures may be a factor. And we know that that many fatalities involve experienced workers doing routine jobs, particularly on farms. It only takes seconds for things to go very wrong, so carefully consider each job before starting.”

Ms Williams said the “simple fact” is that every workplace fatality is preventable.

“If employers have the safe systems in place to protect their workers, if people stop to plan each day with safety in mind, and if everyone works together to identify and eliminate or reduce risks, then workplace fatalities can be prevented,” she said.

“The upcoming Christmas holidays should be a time of joy. It should not be a time families are mourning the loss of a loved one who has died at work.

“So please, everyone, take time every day to make workplace safety your absolute priority.”

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