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New underground grader launched

The razor underground grader has improved safety features

A new underground grader with improved safety features has been launched by Australian based company, Bis

Named the Razor, the underground grader has been designed with a range of safety benefits including an ergonomically designed cab, improved FOPS/ROPS protection and dual SAHR emergency brakes (See video below) coupled to the rear-drive wheels.

Bis Chief Executive Brad Rogers said “Razor has been designed with miners, for miners and is born from our deep understanding of the coal industry. We own the nation’s largest underground hire fleet as well as a capable and experienced underground workforce in our UGM business, with operations across New South Wales and Queensland.”

The underground grader features a drivers cabin with dual access and improved visibility both forward and at the blade of the machine. Bis General Manager Mark Doyle said the grader has more tractive effort, increased power, is safer for the operator and has been designed for more uptime.

“The concept for Razor started within underground by looking at existing machines and talking to grader operators to understand how we could design a better product – all the way from performance to changing the cab ergonomics to improve comfort,” Mr Doyle said.

“Increasing safety was at the forefront of the design process,” Mr Doyle added.

The key safety features of Razor underground grader include:

  • The engine system is NSW MDG43 compliant providing low engine exhaust emissions
  • The Braking system is NSW MDG 39 compliant incorporating dual SAHR emergency/park brakes directly coupled to the rear drive wheels for safety and reliability.
  • The operator compartment layout improves access to all controls and provides greater visibility of the blade and steering tyres
  • Access to the cab from both sides
  • Improved structural / fatigue integrity of the chassis

Razor is currently on a customer roadshow across New South Wales and Queensland. Upon returning to Newcastle it will be put to work at a local underground coal mine.


Images: Bis

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