AMSJ » New wearable airbag a game changer in fall protection

New wearable airbag a game changer in fall protection

wearable airbag for cyclists
A wearable airbag might be the next big thing in fall protection

A French company has designed a pretty cool wearable airbag for a range of applications including providing fall protection for cyclists, motorcyclists and the elderly.

The company, Helite technologies, have just won the French National Road Safety Award for its product to protect cyclists but its’ products may have wider application across industries where fall risk strategies exist.

The Airbag protection technology deploys in 300 milliseconds following a ‘triggering event’ such as an unplanned movement, impact or fall. It may well just prove to be a life-saving device for some either inside or outside the workplace.

You can watch the wearable airbag test video below.


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