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Plant Assessor Online Safety Systems

plant assessor online safety systems can ensure risks are objectively measured
By using online safety systems plant assessors can bring consistency and objectivity to risk assessments but systems must comply with local or national guidelines

If you’re in the business of assessing plant at the workplace, an online safety system like plant assessor online may be a solution to improve efficiencies, capture risks and remove subjectivity in plant risk assessments.

A number of plant assessor online safety systems have been created in the Australian market. Many of these systems enable plant assessors to provide reporting and analysis of plant risks in a simple to use platform.

Of course, persons who assess plant for safety must be appropriately trained and competent. Methods for assessment of plant are also well documented in various Codes of Practice, Recognised standards, guidelines and guidance notes like the NSW MDG 15 Mobile and transportable plant for use on mines and petroleum sites are excellent resources for plant inspectors.


What is a plant risk assessment?

A plant risk assessment is a health and safety process aimed at identifying risks in a plant and machinery with an ultimate objective to determine appropriate measure to control the risk and prevent fatalities, injuries and illnesses to workers. Plant Inspectors seek to quantify risks against known standards and determine hazards, the likelihood of incidents, the severity of injury and damage to property at the onset.

Are there any standards for plant risk assessment?

Many jurisdictions have legislated requirements for plant risk assessment and call up a range of known national and international standards.

Can online systems help with plant risk assessments?

Yes, however persons undertaking plant risk assessment should ensure that the online system templates comply, as a minimum, with any standards in the jurisdiction where they operate. Plant assessor online safety systems can have many advantages if formated correctly, such as ensuring objectivity and consistency in assessments.

Where can I find more information on plant risk assessments?

Plant assessors can find key information at the Safe Work Australia site linked here or check with your local Work Safety regulator for applicable information related to Plant Codes of Practice.

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