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Groundprobe launches data aggregation software

Groundprobe data aggregation software

GroundProbe has launched a new data aggregation software for geotechnical sensor monitoring, MonitorIQ. 

Through the centralisation of all monitoring data into one dashboard and analysis platform, MonitorIQ revolutionises how users consolidate sensor data to correlate and identify trends, ensuring confident decision-making.   

MonitorIQ is feature-rich allowing users to collate and compare data from more than 120 sensor types on one platform including the suite of radar, laser and vibration monitors provided by GroundProbe, as well as prisms, piezometers, drones, temperature readers, air pressure measurement, and many other sensor types.   

The all-new software can also consolidate data across multiple sites be they mines, tailings dams, natural landscape hazards or other built structures.   

“We are delighted to announce the addition of MonitorIQ to our portfolio of innovative solutions” said Brian Gillespie, GroundProbe’s CEO.    

“With our customers using so many different sensors gathering different types of information, there is a growing need for a single platform that consolidates this data whilst still providing the analysis features they know and love.”


More than just a data aggregation platform, MonitorIQ comes built-for-purpose with GroundProbe’s patented geotechnical analysis software, SSR-Viewer, fully embedded.  

This gives users the freedom to access SSR-Viewer’s all-inclusive suite of visualisations and safety-critical charting and alarming tools, on-the-fly, direct from MonitorIQ.

GroundProbe is part of Orica Monitor – a newly formed division of Orica – which is dedicated to providing advanced monitoring technology solutions across both the mining and civil industries. 

Designed and developed by GroundProbe, MonitorIQ is the latest addition to Orica’s suite of industry-leading digital technology solutions. 

“MonitorIQ completely eliminates the need for users to switch between multiple platforms when working with any data collected on-site,” said Lachlan Campbell, GroundProbe’s VP of Marketing and Technology.  

“This combined with SSR-Viewer’s deep dive analysis capability presents an interface that is integrated and intuitive.

“Safety has been and always will be our number one priority, and this solution will ensure efficient and effective decision-making to provide maximum safety.” 

Users can view an enhanced holistic visualisation of all mine site sensors on one screen for effective identification of trends and confident decision-making in real time.

“MonitorIQ has definitely transformed the way we view, interact and report on data,” said James Usherwood, Product Manager for MonitorIQ, who has followed up his success leading the development of GroundProbe’s new SSR- Omni with a software platform that is believed  to become an industry standard.  

“Where MonitorIQ will go in the future will definitely change the way the mining and civil construction sectors monitor hazardous areas.”

MonitorIQ is currently being rolled-out globally across the GroundProbe customer network, which spans 30 countries.

Image: Groundprobe (Supplied)

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