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Bootu Creek Slope failure

Video of Bootu Creek slope failure

A video of a Bootu Creek slope failure has emerged online. The video shows a slope failure at the pit that was reportedly prone to issues before the death of a mineworker and Supervisor Craig Butler...

Bootu mine ground failure

Mineworkers body recovered

The body of a mineworker that was engulfed by a 48000 cubic metre fall of ground has finally been recovered at the Bootu Creek Mine. NT Police released a statement on Wednesday afternoon, saying...

Groundprobe data aggregation software

Groundprobe launches data aggregation software

GroundProbe has launched a new data aggregation software for geotechnical sensor monitoring, MonitorIQ.  Through the centralisation of all monitoring data into one dashboard and analysis...

Reutech has launched a new radar which may be the fastest slope monitoring device yet seen. Groundprobe

Reutech launches new slope stability radar

Reutech Mining says it has launched the fastest scanning and most sophisticated slope monitoring radar in the industry, the MSRIV Esprit. “The exceptional high scan speed ensures early detection of...

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