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Video of Bootu Creek slope failure

Bootu Creek Slope failure

A video of a Bootu Creek slope failure has emerged online. The video shows a slope failure at the pit that was reportedly prone to issues before the death of a mineworker and Supervisor Craig Butler.

A recent investigation revealed that in the lead-up to the mine accident that killed Craig Butler, 17 complaints were made to the Mining Safety Regulator ( NT Worksafe ) regarding conditions at the mine yet no direct action other than ‘desktop reviews’ was undertaken.

59 year experienced mine supervisor Craig Butler was engulfed by a 48000 cubic metre fall of ground three months ago at the Bootu Creek mine.

Former mineworkers at the site told AMSJ at the time of Mr Butler’s death that geotechnical issues had been a long-time concern for workers prior to the Bootu Creek slope failure.

NT news recently published this video of a slope failure at the Bootu Creek mine
Video Interview with NT Worksafe Minister at the time of the incident.


Video Courtesy of NT News Main Image Credit: PR IMAGE

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  • It astounds me that they were digging at the bottom of that wall. It seems more like insanity than stupidity. The management of this mine should get long prison sentences for allowing this situation to develop to the stage where someone was killed.

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