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ProcessMAP and IBM collaborate on safety wearable technology

safety wearable technology has the opportunity to protect workers from dangerous conditions
A partnership between ProcessMAP and IBM will see workers protected with wearable technology.

ProcessMAP and IBM are teaming up in an effort to improve safety through safety wearable technology. The wearable devices will utilise sensors to alert workers to a range of hazardous conditions.

The new solution will leverage IBM’s Watson line of IoT devices, which includes sensors and wearables that are designed to gather information in dangerous environments like factories or the outdoors. ProcessMAP will then analyze the data in real time, allowing it to identify any sudden changes and alert workers in the case of an unexpected threat.


Safety wearable devices can similarly monitor biometric information like heat and fatigue, allowing for a more timely response if an individual employee is at risk. The two companies are hoping that better predictive analytics will give companies a chance to spot (and prevent) potential accidents long before they actually occur.

“Worker safety is a key priority for conscientious organizations,” said IBM Watson Executive Jodie Fisher. “Our initiative with ProcessMAP underscores IBM’s commitment to utilizing the power of IoT and advanced analytics to identify and mitigate hazards in the workplace.”

The new initiative should lead to a safer work environment for employees, which will in turn reduce the amount of money that employers need to pay in worker compensation in the case of an injury on the job.

The news is also in keeping with IBM’s broader focus on worker safety. The company recently formed partnerships with numerous workplace outfitters to create safety wearable devices for use in the field, all of which have improved the quality of information available to employers and safety experts.

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