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Report released on haul truck fatality

A truck driver died after his 110 tonne haul truck plummeted off a cliff
The WA DMIRS has released a report on the circumstances of a fatal incident at the Red Hill Quarry near Perth.

The Western Australian mining safety regulator has released a report into a haul truck fatality at a Western Australian quarry.

According to the WA Regulator, Andrew Herd died on 20 June 2019 when the 110-tonne haul truck he was driving crossed a windrow and fell down a
wall of Hanson Construction Material’s Red Hill Quarry.

The regulator confirmed “At this stage of the investigation, the following is evident: the loaded truck entered a single lane section of roadway with two narrow points. When it reached the second narrow point, the truck’s right side wheels rode up and over the windrow. As it straddled the windrow, its forward movement was initially arrested with the right side wheels over the crest edge, but the truck then slid over the edge falling 15 metres to the lower bench.”

Image: DMIRS WA showing narrowing section of roadway. Note the deviation in the pit wall profile resulting in a ‘step in’ on the wall reducing the running width of the ramp.

The Regulator says it believes that the direct cause of the incident resulted from the conditions existing when the truck was exiting the pit. It says it failed to negotiate a narrowing section of roadway on the ramp.

The right wheels rode up over the crest edge windrow leading to the truck straddling the windrow before it teetered and fell over the edge.


It lists a range of contributory causes of the haul truck fatality incident including:

  • A ‘step in’ on the crest side reduced the bench width by over 20% along a 25-metre section;
  • The ‘step in’ was on the driver’s offside which has restricted visibility;
  • The crest (drop-off) edge windrows were located along the immediate edge of the bench;
  • The size and shape of the windrow, as well as adjacent material buildup, assisted the truck’s wheels to ride up over the windrow;
  • There was no demarcation or signage in the near area;
  • The truck did not change the angle of approach to avoid the ‘step in’;
  • The incident occurred between dawn and sunrise when the light is changing, affecting visibility.

You can read the full report on the Department’s website

The video below shows the outcome of an investigation involving a haul truck at Whitehaven’s Maules Creek mine.

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