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Dump truck collision investigation highlights fatigue management

dump truck collision nose to tail collision
The NSW Resources Regulator has released a report into a collision involving a Caterpillar 793C

The NSW Resources Regulator has completed an investigation into a nose to tail dump truck collision at the Bulga Open Cut Mine in July 2018. The report has revealed the need to address fatigue management and the implementation of effective proximity detection /collision avoidance systems.

The nose to tail collision of two heavy dump trucks occurred around 3.30am on 23rd July 2018 and left one mine worker with serious injuries.

Acting Director Regulatory Services Steve Orr said the investigation did not identify any breaches of work, health and safety legislation, but did highlight the need for all mine operators to closely monitor and manage worker fatigue.


“The investigation revealed the injured worker was unresponsive when the truck he was driving hit the rear of a stopped truck. As a result of the collision, two pillars of the operator’s cabin pushed inward, trapping the driver for a short time,” Mr Orr said.

“Following the incident, the mine operator strengthened its risk controls in relation to fatigue management while fully cooperating with the Resources Regulator’s investigation.

Animation of the nose to tail collision

“Now that the investigation is complete, we’re calling on all mine operators and contractors to ensure they have strategies in place to eliminate or minimise risks associated with fatigue.

“We’ve recommended operators implement real-time fatigue monitoring systems, encourage workers to self-report fatigue and medical conditions, and review roster cycles.

“We also recognise workers must take reasonable care of their own health and safety and remind them to always speak to their supervisors when they are fatigued and to report any medical conditions that could affect them.”

You can access the full copy of the report here.

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