AMSJ » Regulator releases images of haul truck incident at Mount Arthur

Regulator releases images of haul truck incident at Mount Arthur

haul truck mount arthur
The incident photographs show potential severity. No one was injured.

Images have been released today showing the severity of the haul truck incident at the Mount Arthur as reported by AMSJ last week.

According to the regulator the haul truck rolled onto its side at an open cut coal mine. The truck had travelled over the crest and was descending a ramp. The operator tried unsuccessfully to slow the truck. The truck contacted a windrow and rolled onto its side.

There were no other vehicles in the vicinity at the time. The operator was not injured. The photographs of the incident site (below) graphically illustrate the potential severity of this incident as the out of control truck was approaching an intersection and a vertical drop at the time.

The Regulator said mine operators should review whether ramp and cresting speed limits are appropriate for the retarder and braking systems fitted to haul trucks. Mine operators should review the training provided to operators regarding the safe application of retarders and service brakes on haul trucks.
Mine operators should routinely download and review operating data from haul truck logging systems to verify trucks are being operated in a safe manner.

This incident is the subject of further investigation by the NSW Resources Regulator.

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