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Light vehicle hits drill steel

light vehicle incident nsw mine
A light vehicle incident at a NSW mine could have ended in disaster

A light vehicle incident at a NSW mine has highlighted risks from equipment protruding from vehicles. A light vehicle hit a drill steel protruding from a jumbo drilling rig that was parked in the main decline.

According to the regulator’s report, the drill steel caught on the passenger side wing mirror and went through the rear window, narrowly missing the passenger. As the vehicle travelled forward, the drill steel started to bend before springing out of the cab and landing 13 metres down the decline. No workers were injured.

Recommendations to industry: Mine operators should ensure that machine loads and items that are stored for transport do not protrude and pose any risk to other passing vehicles. A S195 notice was issued to the mine preventing drill steels being transported on jumbo’s while the machines are tramming between production areas.


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