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Sandvik levels up its rotary drilling

sandvik rotary drilling

Sandvik has combined the best features of its three previous air bearing bit designs to launch Sandvik RR240, with added improvements that extend bit life and improve productivity in rotary drilling.

The new Sandvik RR240 air bearing bit features all the benefits of the previous Sandvik RR321, Sandvik RR221 and Sandvik RR222 rotary bits, plus updated cutting structures and improved wear protection, as well as the new PowerCarbide™ SH75 on selected models. All in all, Sandvik RR240 provides longer bit life compared to standard products, as well as higher penetration rates and reduced total drilling costs.

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“We understand that for our customers, every bit counts,” said Carsten Mijic, Product Manager for Rotary Bits at Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions. “Therefore I am thrilled that we are now launching Sandvik RR240: it will help our customers take the next step in their rotary drilling operations, with significantly longer bit life and lower total drilling costs. With Sandvik RR240, our customers can increase their productivity, reduce their emissions and costs and create a safer workplace, all at once.”

With the launch of Sandvik RR240, Sandvik is also introducing its most advanced cemented carbide range PowerCarbide™ to the rotary bit product segment. The SH75 featured on Sandvik RR240 is a self-hardening carbide grade that can improve bit life up to 50 percent in certain rock conditions.

“We have been keen to add PowerCarbide™ to our rotary drill bit offering for some time and are now very happy to be able to include the SH75 carbide grade in the new Sandvik RR240 bit,” Mijic says. “Thanks to its ability to significantly increase bit life, our customers will also have fewer bits to recycle, fewer bit changes and less risk for injury.”

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