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Semi-automated drill and blast delivery

a new project in drill and blast automation may improve mine safety

A joint project between Orica and Epiroc will aim to deliver a semi-automated drill and blast system for underground mines by 2021.

Orica and Epiroc say that the new drill and blast system will focus on a semi-automated explosives delivery system for blasting operations in underground mines. The companies believe that the new system will add benefits from productivity and safety.

“This exciting partnership with Epiroc will allow us to leverage our exclusive wireless initiating system, WebGen™, to deliver the critical first steps towards the automation of drill and blast operations”

Angus Melbourne Orica Chief Commercial and Technology Officer.

Melbourne said that “Automation is a key pillar of our technology strategy and supports our vision of transforming drill and blast to unlock mining value by creating safer and more sustainable operations.”

Epiroc Senior Executive Vice President Mining and Infrastructure Helena Hedblom said: “This promising collaboration with Orica is an important first step on an exciting journey toward automating the whole drilling and explosives charging process. 


“It is a vital part of both Epiroc’s and Orica’s vision of making the mining operation as safe, productive and cost-efficient as possible.”

Orica and Epiroc say that they are the ideal partners to optimise the explosives charging process for underground mining.

Orica is the world’s largest provider of commercial explosives and innovative blasting systems to the mining, quarrying, oil and gas and construction markets, and Epiroc is the industry leader in developing innovative underground mining equipment, including face drill rigs and production drill rigs. 

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