Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers 2020 revealed

Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers 2020 revealed

Engineering innovation is once again on display with the release of this year’s Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers list, which features novel stadium constructions, electronic tattoos, VR driving...

Global daily fossil carbon dioxide emissions

COVID-19 puts brakes on global emissions

Carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel sources reached a maximum daily decline of 17 per cent in April as a result of drastic decline in energy demand that have occurred during the COVID-19...

new welding automation technology cuts down times

Welding disruptor turns a six-hour weld to four minutes

An Adelaide based company is disrupting welding processes and improving welding efficiency and safety through welding automation technology. The new welding system can perform a traditional six-hour...

drones in mining CSIRO project

CSIRO Hovermap looks to make mines safer

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) latest project is the Hovermap product, a system that uses autonomous drones in mining to investigate underground areas to...

AMSJ April 2022