AMSJ » Welding disruptor turns a six-hour weld to four minutes

Welding disruptor turns a six-hour weld to four minutes

new welding automation technology cuts down times

An Adelaide based company is disrupting welding processes and improving welding efficiency and safety through welding automation technology. The new welding system can perform a traditional six-hour weld in less than four minutes to a quality standard and unlike traditional welding, it requires no edged preparation or filler materials.

The new Welding as a Service (WaaS) welding technology also reportedly has 8x the penetration of GTAW, allowing it to perform x-ray quality welds in materials up to 5/8 inch (16mm) thick in a single pass, without the need for edge beveling.

K-TIG was originally developed by the Australian Government’s Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and may be used in the fabrication activities where there are significant requirements for productivity and quality.

At the heart of the K-TIG welding system is a multi-processor controller and communications platform which has been designed from the ground up to reduce complexity to a push-button operation. The system integrates with virtually all welding automation equipment in use today.

The sustainability dimension of K-TIG is significant. The order-of-magnitude power and gas savings provide an opportunity to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the industrial welding and fabrication industry. T

The technology will record and monitor all usage to provide a transparent reporting and billing system for its licensing arrangements. It’s licence fees adjust automatically in line with actual production and utilisation of its technology.

The technology’s cloud feature allows K-TIG to continuously support its customers by storing their welding data, providing updates to software and firmware and uploading new weld routines that customers may require.


Managing Director Michael Teo said K-TIG’s recent move to the WaaS business model made the decision straightforward.

“We are excited to be the first company in Southeast Asia to deploy the latest generation of K-TIG’s technology and one of the first companies in the world to adopt the Welding-as-a-Service model pioneered by K-TIG,” he said.

“We are strategically located in one of the world’s highest-growth regions, we have exceptional commercial networks throughout Southeast Asia and Japan, and plan to leverage this to grow our welding business exponentially.”

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