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pike river team reaches end of drift

Pike River: Mine re-entry team reaches the roof fall

On 17th February 2021, the Pike River Recovery Agency reached the roof fall 2.260km up the drift access tunnel, marking the furthest point into the Pike River Mine that the Agency plans to recover...

forensics training for Pike River mine

Underground workers withdrawn from Pike River Mine

Underground workers have been withdrawn from the Pike River Mine after samples returned positive for the presence of carcinogens. Pike River Recovery Agency Chief Operating Officer Dinghy Pattinson...

Pike River mine Loader recovered from the mine drift

Pike River re-entry moves to unexplored areas of drift

The Pike River mine re-entry will move to previously unexplored areas of the mine drift this week recovering a loader that was operated by one of the mine’s survivors. Re-entry efforts have...

Pike river Mine 170 metre seal

Pike River recovery team reaches 170m seal

The New Zealand Pike River Recovery team has successfully reached the 170-metre mark as part of the recovery operation of the mine drift. A team this week crossed through the 170-metre seal and...

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