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gretley mine disaster victims

Remembering Gretley Mine Disaster

The Gretley mine disaster of 1996 claimed the lives of four men following an inrush of water. At about 5.30 am on 14 November 1996 employees of The Newcastle Wallsend Coal Company Pty Limited, were...

A rigid haul truck rolled over

A rigid haul truck rolled over at open cut mine

The NSW Resources Regulator’s Mine Safety has released a report of rigid haul truck rolled over at open cut mine. A rigid haul truck rolled over the side of a haul road, coming to rest on the edge of...

Bee stinging

Indus Mining fined over bee sting death

Indus Mining Services Pty Ltd was today fined $60,000 and ordered to pay $6,000 in costs over the death of a contractor who suffered a severe allergic reaction after being stung by a bee in February...

A speeding haul truck has lost control according to the mining safety regulator

Haul truck speeding at 57 km/h loses control

The NSW Mining Safety regulator has released details of a haul truck speeding incident that resulted in the loss of control of a fully laden truck at a NSW mine. The incident has once again re...

hazard management in the mining industry helps control critical risks

Hazard Management

Hazard management in mining is fundamental to the safe operation of a mine. Despite a higher than average percentage of workers in the mining sector undertaking formal occupational health and safety...

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