AMSJ » A rigid haul truck rolled over at open cut mine

A rigid haul truck rolled over at open cut mine

A rigid haul truck rolled over

The NSW Resources Regulator’s Mine Safety has released a report of rigid haul truck rolled over at open cut mine.

A rigid haul truck rolled over the side of a haul road, coming to rest on the edge of a steep drop. The operator was wearing a seatbelt and suffered a minor injury.

Initial enquiries suggest that sunlight interfered with the rigid haul truck driver’s line of sight, causing him to drive into the bunding that was not adequate to hold up the truck. The truck drove over a large rock in the bund wall and tipped over.

Rear axle box assembly detaches from mining truck

Body upgrade for haul trucks

In response to the incident the Regulator stated: “Mine operators should ensure that bunds are designed, constructed and maintained to a standard that is suitable to protect workers from harm.”

“Principal hazard management plans for roads or other vehicle operating areas should consider factors that may affect operator visibility or ability to control a vehicle such as sunlight, fog, or dust obstructions that may affect lines of sight. This incident also highlights the importance of wearing a seatbelt while operating mobile plant.”

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