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Rear axle box assembly detaches from mining truck

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The NSW Resources Regulator’s Mine Safety has released a report of dangerous incident at open cut coal mine involving a rear axle box assembly detaching from mining truck.

According to the Regulator, an empty haul truck was travelling around a corner when the rear axle box wheel assembly detached from the main truck frame. The retaining bolts for the trunnion pin failed, allowing the trunnion pin to dislodge. 

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This incident is under investigation. The NSW Resources Regulator comments: following maintenance and repairs to mobile plant, the plant should be inspected, tested and verified as fit for purpose. Mobile plant should have suitable maintenance schedules that take into consideration condition and hours of operation. 

In response to the axle box incident the Regulator stated “Mine operators are reminded of the importance of following original equipment (OEM) maintenance schedules.” 

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  • Obviously the planner doesn’t understand about trucks. Stop all equipment and get a better planner, by the way the supervisor and the manager!
    Why because somebody could have injured and maybe passed away.

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