Mt Arthur mine COVID testing

Employer refuses to lift jab mandate

A multinational mining company will not stop requiring everyone to be immunised before entering work sites. BHP will continue to impose coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine requirements across all...

Manigurr-Ma Camp

Drink limit imposed due to poor work environment

Employers will restrict the number of alcoholic beverages workers consume after widespread complaints about substandard conditions. Several companies will impose a daily four-drink cap and takeaway...

Mine worker safety Global Road Technology

Improving mine worker safety top of the agenda for GRT

Australian headquartered mining and civil services firm Global Road Technology (GRT), is aiming to place mine safety firmly on the national agenda over the next 12 months. Using its work in the...

Silica dust

The Tiny Protagonist Injuring Australians

What can be 100 times smaller than a grain of sand, yet it may be fatal for those who inhale it? While obvious answers would include the Covid-19 virus and Asbestos fibres, there is another...

Energy drinks & their effect on worker health

Energy drinks can be detrimental to worker health and well being PUBLISHED / AMSJ AUTUMN 2020 How do energy drinks impact your business?Workers who consume energy drinks are at risk of health impacts...

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