AMSJ » ‘Unco’ mine employee allowed to sleep in due to chronic ‘fatigue’
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‘Unco’ mine employee allowed to sleep in due to chronic ‘fatigue’

Manigurr-Ma Camp
A typical accommodation camp

A drowsy crew member will work at his own pace after making too many errors.

One employer recently agreed to let a restless worker choose his own start and finish times with a flexible roster at an undisclosed New Zealand operation.

“[The] worker was fatigued due to the arrival of a new baby in his family. He was making a lot of mistakes from being inattentive,” MinEx said in a safety alert.

“He was advised not to feel pressured to arrive at work by 6:30am each day, particularly if he had not had sufficient sleep.”

The following recommendations were also made:

  • monitor worker fitness including if they are having sufficient sleep between shifts
  • report fatigue and other conditions that may affect concentration and work safety
  • where practical provide flexible work arrangements to cater for situations where rest periods are affected by offsite pressures.

Click here to read the full safety alert.

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  • Maybe he needs to use some leave & stay home with his partner & the new baby instead of working when he feels like ti to the detriment of his co-workers who will have to pick up the slack?