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four fatal accidents in Queensland mine during 2019

Mine Inspection failure another mark against Lynham

“Tip-offs” of unannounced mine safety inspections, questions over the adequacy of emergency services in mining communities and evidence of Minister Lynham’s inaction have led Queensland’s...

workplace inspectors

Worksafe Victoria employs 27 more inspectors

Nine specialist Worksafe construction inspectors were among the graduates; the first of 40 to be recruited over four years as part of a government commitment to ensure safety during Victoria’s...

Chinese coal mine disaster kills mineworkers

Fourteen mineworkers dead in Chinese coal mine disaster

Fourteen mineworkers have been killed in a Chinese coal mine disaster that occurred in the south west Guizhou province of China. The gas explosion incident reportedly occurred at about 1.30 a.m. on...

The NSW resources regulator will blitz dust levels at mines across the state

Resources regulator to blitz mines for dust control

The NSW Resources Regulator is preparing a major blitz on quarries across the state to minimise the effects of dust exposures. Resources Regulator Chief Inspector of Mines Garvin Burns said quarries...

regulatory capture in mining

Managing Regulatory Capture in Mine Safety Inspection

Regulatory capture is real. The Australian Banking Royal Commission has highlighted blatant failure by regulators to prevent illegal activities on behalf of many Government institutions that are...

mine safety inspection

Mine safety inspection just got easier

Pervidi’s Mine Safety Inspection Solution is built with functionality specifically designed for the mining industry. With each and every mining site unique in layout and in composition, the company...

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