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relining jaw crusher is a known risk and many fatal incidents have occurred

Relining Fatality – A case study

On June 14, 2003, a maintenance repair foreman, age 25, was fatally injured while changing liner plates in a jaw crusher. Salyards was inside the crusher positioning a wedge bar to secure the upper...

rib fall at a US Kentucky mine kills miner

Miner dies in rib fall

A coal miner with 12 years underground experience has died following injuries sustained in a rib fall at a US mine. According to local media, Felix North was critically injured in an incident on May...

haul truck fatality mineworker candle

Mine worker found dead in overturned haul truck

A mine worker has been found dead in an overturned haul truck at a USA gold mine this morning. The haul truck fatality has shocked local mine workers and their families who last month witnessed the...

highwall miner fatality

Highwall miner fatality report release

The US-based Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has released the preliminary details on the fatality of an experienced mine worker who was killed while working on the pad of a highwall...

shuttle car strikes mineworker in US mine

Mine worker struck and killed by shuttle car

The US Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) have reported a fatality where a mineworker was struck and killed by a shuttle car in an underground mine roadway. MSHA said that on Monday...