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a team of researchers are using robots to explore abandoned mines

Robot explores deep workings of flooded mines

A co-operative project is using robots to explore workings of flooded mines across Europe. The UNEXMIN project is developing a technology capable of autonomous exploration and mapping of flooded...

hexapod robot CSIRO mines rescue

CSIRO Data61 robots tested in underground mine

Robotics researchers from CSIRO’s Data61 are testing the capability of their robot’s in an abandoned gold mine in the US as part of a challenge run by the acclaimed US Defense Advanced Research...

mining safety technology

Mining safety technology advancing at a rapid rate

As the 2018 year draws to a close there is a range of uncertainty in global mining markets that have made a few investors a little nervous. There are, however, some constants emerging across the...

autonous mining

Could an autonomous machine take my job?

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW It’s definitely a question on the lips of many across the industry.  Its’ likely that an autonomous machine will change the way we conduct specific mining operations...

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