AMSJ » Truck and dozer collided at tip head

Truck and dozer collided at tip head

A haul truck and dozer collided at a tip head

In a another mining incident reported this week, a dump truck and a dozer collided at a dump tip head in an open cut coal mine. The dozer was on the off driver’s side of the truck. The dozer’s rollover protection canopy and access ladder were damaged and a tyre was deflated.

According to the NSW Resources Regulator, a S195 notice was issued to the mine arising from this incident. Tip heads must be designed and maintained to enable safe dumping and interaction between plant. Workers must be trained in dump procedures that must include positive communication requirements.  The monitoring and verification of compliance with dump procedures must be routinely conducted by statutory officials.

The incident follows another collision in wet weather by two trucks four weeks ago.

The Regulator has urged mines to review the safety bulletin on positive communications SB18-06

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