AMSJ » What is the current status of Coronavirus cases in Australia?

What is the current status of Coronavirus cases in Australia?

Coronavirus Australia 2/4

Want to know more about the current status of Coronavirus Cases in Australia? The graphs and Infograms below provide updated tracking of cases in Australia, their location and the intensity of the spread of the virus. The information is provided through a real-time network of volunteers. The information is the best available at the time of publication and may change according to a range of conditions. We would always recommend that you consult for other relevant information related to the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19.


This information was last updated: Last updated: 1.00pm, 1 April 2020 (AEDT).

Where are the cases of Coronavirus in Australia at the moment?

The Graph and table on our site show tracking of cases of Coronavirus in Australia.
Coronavirus Cases Australia

Information is general in nature and provided through volunteer service. Always consult when making decisions regarding the management of Coronavirus at your workplace. Data and site produced by journalist and communications consultant Juliette O’Brien (LinkedIn profile – log in to view). The site is Supported by Tanveer Bal, Ananth Selladoray, Robert de Graaf and Naveen Kaushik from OutputAI Labs.

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