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World Mental Health Day

Today marks World Mental Health Day, a day created to shed a more positive light on mental health and to address the fact that one in five Australian are affected by mental illness.


We sat down and spoke with Justine Alter, psychologist and co-founder of Transitioning Well about her top 5 tips for successfully navigating work-life integration:


  1. Learn to ‘Switch Off’ – In a world of 24/7 connectivity, it can be hard to not take your work home with you. Whether it’s checking emails, calling suppliers or planning out the next day of work, it’s crucial to log off and enjoy your time away from work by relaxing or doing something you enjoy.
  2. Set boundaries – Setting boundaries with yourself, your colleagues and employers will help you decide what your non-negotiable are. People aren’t mind readers, so having these sometimes tricky conversations are fundamental when it comes to keeping the balance right.
  3. Trust in external support mechanisms – Active lists, calendars and schedules can help to keep you on track and on top of both your work life and personal life. Learn to know the difference between what is urgent versus what is important. Prioritise.
  4. Create gaps – Creating gaps between tasks during your day allows you to reflect and reset before commencing the next task. This is important in allowing your mind and body to slow down and decreases stress levels
  5. Don’t forget to connect – In a world where busy is the new normal we tend to lose human connection. Connectivity with society, our communities, families and friends is one way to combat stress and to maintain healthy relationships, which provide support during life’s ups and downs.

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