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Know Your Workplace Bully

Know Your Workplace Bully

Do you know a workplace bully when you see one? They’re not always as obvious to spot as the little tyke above and they can be very good at hiding their poor social behaviour from their...

Better sleep quality with melatonin pills

Melatonin Pills Could Improve Sleep Quality

A study using melatonin pills to aid sleep in an ICU environment in Beijing has found that the hormone does improve the quality of sleep, even in a noisy and illuminated environment. The research...

Safety Compliance

Safety Compliance Guilty Of Misleading Small Businesses

The Federal Court has declared that Safety Compliance Pty Ltd contravened the Australian Consumer Law (ACL)  and the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) (now called the Competition and Consumer Act 2010)...

Pluto LNG Shut Down By Rogue Drilling Rig

Pluto LNG Shut Down By Rogue Drilling Rig

Woodside’s Pluto LNG plant has shut down production temporarily this morning after another company’s submersible drilling rig drifted dangerously close to Pluto’s flowlines...