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Queensland Government to pass new mine safety legislation

Dr Anthony Lynham has flagged mining industrial manslaughter legislation

As the Queensland Parliament sits today, it expected that new legislation will pass through parliament to establish a new model for mine safety regulation in the state.

The Queensland Labour Government has established a plan and subsequent regulatory measures to introduce an independent health and safety regulator. The move come following the death of eight mineworkers in mines and quarries across Queensland over the past two years.


Under the plan, resources safety and health branch will be excised from the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy. A new statutory body will utilise existing Government resources including the Safety In Mines Testing and Research Station and the Queensland Mine Safety & Health Inspectorate.

The Queensland Government has also planned to implement Industrial Manslaughter Legislation in the state this year.

You can watch Queensland Parliament Live here Links to Queensland Mine Safety Legislation are available here.

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