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Accident | Truck driver crushed by excavator bucket

Truck driver crushed
Site where the incident took place and the bucket involved in the incident.

SafeWork NSW has reported an accident where a truck driver has been crushed by an excavator bucket.

A 70-year-old truck driver was fatally crushed while unloading a 400-500kg excavator sieve bucket from a semi-trailer. The bucket was lashed to the semi-trailer. When the chains holding the bucket were released, the bucket slid and toppled off the truck, crushing the worker between the bucket and a bridge beam on the ground next to the truck.

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Businesses must implement ‘reasonably practicable’ control measures to manage the risks associated with loading and unloading mobile plant equipment.

  • check that the load has not shifted during transportation before releasing the transportation restraints
  • develop and document a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS), in consultation with your workers, for unloading plant and equipment with a crane. Make sure all relevant workers understand and implement the SWMS.
  • where necessary, sling the load to lifting equipment, such as a crane, prior to releasing the transportation restraints
  • determine the weight or centre of gravity of the load, and the slinging technique to be used. A Dogging High Risk Licence is required for this type of work
  • establish exclusion zones to make sure people are not placed within potential fall zones

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